The Romer

All newsletters are provided in PDF. A help section at the bottom of this page provides information on how to access these files if you are unsure.

Latest Issue

December 2014

Our sister club, Spalding & East Elloe Classic Car Club, also publish a newsletter which in some months incorporates EEMC news. This is available from their website:


Other Newsletters

The MSA, of which EEMC is a member, publish a newsletter aimed at club members called MSA News


How do I access the newsletter file?

You can proceed one of two ways. If you wish to view the newsletter now: left-click the newsletter you wish to view, this will open the newsletter on your screen. Or, if you wish to save the newsletter to your computer: right-click the newsletter name, and click "Save Target As...".

Why do we use PDFs?

PDF files can include many different types of information, and are much smaller than other file types. This allows us to include photographs and other more interesting content, while keeping the time it takes for you to download the file as short as possible.

My computer will not open the file.

If you have followed the instructions above and your computer still cannot open the file, you may need to download a program called "Adobe Reader". This is a free program which allows you to view PDF files. Most computers already have it installed. The viewer can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.